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As these children of the BOX once informed our world, today they return to disrupt mainstream models with experiments in decentralization. Harnessing renegade technology that remedies broken support systems, and works to sustain pioneering and independent artists.

1) Get a Coinbase Account 

Link to Coinbase which allows you to deposit USD from a Bank and exchange it for cryptocurrency. You will need crypto with the ticker XTZ to purchase Viva Acid collectibles in the marketplace!

2) Get a Kukai Wallet

Link to Kukai and set up a wallet that is made for the TEZOS Blockchain. You'll use XTZ as a currency to make purchases. You will send XTZ to this KUKAI wallet next, from your Coinbase account.

3) Transfer Tezos (XTZ) between  

After you've secured  XTZ within your Coinbase (or Coinbase Pro) Account, you can transfer it to your KUKAI wallet. You can now use XTZ to purchase Viva Acid collectibles at 

4) Buy Your First Collectible

You can now make purchases on! See something you like, click on "collect for x tez". You will sync your KUKAI wallet and confirm the transaction. Your wallet will reflect proof of purchase!


Get ready to explore and support these Acid Super Heroes as we prepare our Collectible Series for launch in collaboration with EditTrax.NFT. Minting interactive NFTS on the clean and efficient Tezos Blockchain.

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Q4 2021

K-Alexi Shelby

He became the vessel for a greater power one thunderous night, hellbent on his experiments, ignoring advice from his fellow sonic scientists. Linking his trusty TR-808 and TR-909 Roland Rhythm Composers together, lighting struck forming the musical titan that helped bring power and worldwide dominance from the Chicago sound.

Hieroglyphic Being

Son of Ra descendent of Thoth, Hieroglyphic Being has been known to dance with Medusa while hypnotizing the masses. Inspired by the infinite spirit of Ron Hardy and the vitality of Adonis; he has given his soul to the hands of the translator in order to expose his art. The inner planetary prophet is one of many contributions he has given us with his complex mathematics and divine sound.

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